Josh Bondy

Josh Bondy A technologist at heart, I am committed to endless learning. I love coding and I love my profession, in part because of the breadth and depth of knowledge required to be a true "tech guru". Most of all I love solving complex business problems with leading edge development technologies, proven industry methodologies and a healthy dose of pragmatism.

I started out tinkering on a Casio GS2000 (Glorified typewriter) as a kid and have been hacking since.

My professional career started a number of years later in the Microsoft development space in the early days of classic VB (circa 1999, yes just before the dot com crash), progressing right through to the modern front-end heavy stack of todays requirements.

Of late my technology stack has expanded significantly to encompass the Linux and Mac development stacks including Objective C, Ruby on Rails, Python and even a little AngularJS. I have experience in all walks of digital, spanning two decades.

More recently I have been developing a keen interest in Machine Learning, Document Databases and data processing at scale.