The CodeKiwi is pleased to announce our data quality tool Know thy Data has been featured in the October issue of Research news magazine. In addition to Research News we are also featured on Quirk's, the market research blog. Many thanks to Scott MacLean for taking a keen interest in our little data science tool. He also sounds like a bit of a fan of New Zealand which we can't fault.

A lot of good things come from New Zealand: Bungee jumping; EasiYo make-your-own yogurt; the All Blacks; Begaand Mainland cheese; good sauvignon blanc wines; Crowded House; and Russell Crowe (well, maybe not the last one).

New Zealand also produces creative and competitive ideas pursued by skilled and knowledgeable market researchers.

He then goes on to provide a comprehensive review of our tool and possible applications. Be sure to check out the full article at

If you haven't done so yet, please do head over to knowthydata and tell us what you think.